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What Makes a Good Facilities Management Company?

participants in a facility management training session

Hiring a good facilities management company should be imperative; the benefits are immense for businesses with physical offices. However, finding a facility management company that works excellently well for your brand can be tough.

Some other organisations don’t exactly know what to look out for when they want to hire a facilities management service for their organisation. Some have had terrible experiences with facilities management companies, so there is subtle fear in the heart of many organisations that they will get amateur or non-professional facilities management services.

If this mistake is made, it will eventually cost them more loss than what they ever bargained for. This article will show you what makes a good facilities management company, so you know what to look out for.

Quality of Forefront Staff

There are various facilities management services all around the world. The quality of services provided depends largely on the quality of the personnel who manage them. If managed by highly specialised and skilled staff, you’ll get better outcomes.

Sure, you can’t check each staff, but you can check the forefront or client-facing like the head of departments and supervisors. It’s easy to get this information on LinkedIn. Look at the profiles of such people.

Also, check to see if the facilities management company does CSR to see at a glance what they can do or if they provide training to their staff.

A Good Facilities Management Company Must be Adaptable

No matter how proficient you are with any management software, you must respond quickly to new or urgent situations as a facility manager. You must be able to do so in a calm, cool, and collected manner.

According to Peter Ankerstjerne, 1st Vice-Chair of the IFMA Board of Directors, the number one strength of a facility manager is adaptability. Facility managers must be able to comprehend and help the core business of their customers and adjust the workplace and service setup accordingly.

As facility managers progress beyond surface engineering and workplace administration skills,  intentionally becoming more people-centric in the way we design and operate our workplaces is essential in this age and time. Concentrating on maximising organisational effectiveness and fostering company culture is a major subject when we talk about adaptability.

Since the inception of Covid-19 into the workspace system, a facility manager that is not ready to embrace change is ready to get out of service. Therefore, this is the best time to look out for a facility manager that prioritises adaptability as their working core value.

Empathy – The Willingness To Put Your Organization First

Facility managers should ensure that everything works and that all touchpoints support the degree of flexibility your company is looking for.

A facility manager’s immediate goal should be to create a welcoming work atmosphere for employees. This helps achieve a variety of wider objectives, such as recruiting and retaining top talent, increasing production and productivity, and cultivating a positive workplace culture.

Facility managers are the connection between the office and the people who work there. The facility manager is responsible for resolving any problems with accommodations, protection, or comfort.

Thorough Quality Control

A good facilities management service that can be trusted is one that has a system for building and auditing its services.

Such a company should respond to the client with visible trust and show capacity to standardise work quality by preparing various check sheets and manuals and reports, such as submitting monthly management office reports.

In addition, they also provide the managers who will be local staff with quality that can be entrusted with peace of mind through regular training based on a thorough on-site principle.

Maintaining and Improving Asset Value

As the name suggests, facility management is primarily concerned with the maintenance and renovation of physical structures. When asked, “What does facility management entail?” This is the most popular response.

However, this is the broadest set of standards for facility managers. It entails more than just maintaining the structure; it also entails developing alliances, long-term planning, and asset management. The following are some examples of the broad spectrum of responsibilities:

  • Finding and managing vendor contracts
  • Repair, maintenance, and infrastructure improvements
  • Workplace cleaning and décor
  • On-site and off-site land handling

This has to do with the house’s physical structure; it comes under the purview of the facilities manager. A facility manager’s role is to transform the workplace into a competitive advantage rather than a cost centre since facilities are the second-largest expense after labour. It’s all about making sure that the services fulfil the needs of the people who use them.

Technological Creativity

Facility managers, by their very nature, face a slew of obstacles daily. Many of these problems would necessitate innovative solutions. This is particularly true with the proliferation of technical solutions; one must find an innovative mix of technological resources that best suits the facility’s needs.

So, if an organisation is used to just following the rules and going about your business, as usual, you’re unlikely to create a creative workplace. This necessitates keeping an open mind about potential possibilities for service management, implementation, and monitoring that may arise. These will assist a facility manager in remaining current and in demand.


Organisation workers are supported both directly and indirectly by facility managers. They develop order and organisation processes. They are in charge of maintaining and improving the infrastructure. They create complex integrations to make data work for them.

With the points above, you get a picture of what to look out for when hiring a facility manager or a facilities management company. Never forget, their goal is to improve the workplace to help every aspect of the business. But, at a deeper level, it’s about laying a solid base for the company’s future success.

Looking for a good facilities management company? Reach out to us to work with you in reducing facility management costs.

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