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Healthcare Facilities Management

Provide an accommodating environment to improve patients’ experience in and around your facility with our hospital and healthcare facility management services.

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Benefits of Having Healthcare Facilities Management With Eliezer

How We Can Improve Your Healthcare Facility

With extensive years of experience in facility management, we can help you manage your healthcare facility without any hassle.

predictive maintenance for healthcare facilities management

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Using Facilities Management software and other techniques, we can help your hospital or healthcare facility optimise the maintenance of critical equipment through predictive maintenance, which reduces downtime and ensures the uninterrupted operation of essential medical equipment in your facility.

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Patient Safety and Security

With our strict adherence to safety and compliance, we help hospitals and healthcare centres achieve the highest standard of safety through the presence of security guards and CCTVs and a clean, hazard-free environment using industry-based methods and processes.

Reasons Why Business Should Care About Energy Management

Energy Efficiency and HVAC Sustainability

With specialised energy management systems developed for your particular requirements, we can assist you in reducing the high utility costs and energy waste at your facility. Also, we help you mitigate Sick Building Syndrome, various hospital risks, and hospital-acquired illnesses with properly maintained HVAC systems.

Space Utilisation and Capacity Planning

Overcrowding can spread infection, especially in patients with contagious illnesses. One of the solutions is Integrating computer-aided management software, which will help your healthcare manage the allocation of space, such as patient rooms, operating theatres, and administrative areas, without expanding your physical footprint.

Why Choose Us

Who We Are

We are one of the top facility management firms in Lagos.
Whether managing healthcare facilities or overseeing the repair and upkeep of property facilities, Eliezer Group aims to provide excellent service.

Quality facility management is always our aim to provide excellent services.

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What We Have Done in The Facilities Management Sector

Eliezer Facility Management delivers facility management for both commercial and residential clients. Our extensive services offer our customers a one-stop store for all their facility needs, including healthcare.

Eliezer is dedicated to providing market-leading solutions and assistance services for our clients. With over 2000 clients and over 100 people managing facilities around Africa, we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs.

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Let us Improve Your Healthcare Facility

Eliezer Group can help you maximise processes, cost reductions, safety, and efficiency in your facilities while generating opportunities in your healthcare assets.

    FAQs on Medical Facilities Management

    Hospital facilities management includes equipment upkeep, efficient handling of non-clinical issues, building repairs and maintenance, maintaining a high sanitation and hygiene standard, and much more.

    A facility manager’s key responsibilities are daily management of a healthcare facility, including ensuring legal compliance, maintaining security, and managing finances.

    Preventive maintenance, asset tracking, security, compliance, and operation are skills and knowledge needed for a facility management role.

    By combining diverse systems and data sources on a converged network, such as medical, business, and building management systems, technology can help with proper hospital facility management. Technology allows excellent resource and service collaboration, communication, and optimisation within the hospital.

    Healthcare facilities can maintain medical equipment assets more proactively by using preventive maintenance. It ensures that resources and equipment are prepared for use when required, which may help prevent severe illnesses and other medical issues before they get out of hand.

    Yes. Over the last decade, we have managed different commercial facilities by providing landscaping, energy management, procurement & logistics, remote site management, ICT solutions & services – Computer-aided facilities management, catering & housekeeping services.

    The Eliezer Group team can help if you need an FM consultant with business experience. Contact us now to learn more about our facility consultancy and management services. You can reach us at 08144000052 or