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Oil and Gas Facility Management

From oil rigs to big platforms, we are the most effective facility management company you can trust with perfect service rendering.

Our Clients

Benefits of Working with Eliezer for Oil and Gas Facility Management

Understanding What We Offer in Oil and Gas Facility Management

an oil rig managed by one of the top facility management companies

All-inclusive and Integrated Facility Management

Getting many facility managers on your oil platform can be challenging to manage, especially if they have limited hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry..

You can count on the highest calibre of service delivery at Eliezer Group, where we handle everything from property facility maintenance and repair to platform facilities management.

We also have extensive experience with maintenance management systems, procurement, integrated engineering, computer-aided facility management and cleaning.

Reasons Why Business Should Care About Energy Management

Prompt Operations Effectiveness

In an oil and gas plant, you risk encountering many difficulties and dangers if your operations are not timely and efficient. Among the threats to productivity is a rise in operational complexity.

Eliezer Group can help you resolve the problem so that you can focus on improving operational effectiveness and customer service. We aim to deliver first-rate facilities management services for each office, oil rig, and distillation plant we manage by eliminating operational complexities.

an image of an operator for computer assisted facility management

Integrated Engineering and Computer-aided Facility Management

If you want your business to enjoy efficiency, control, and operational excellence, you must give integrated engineering and computer-aided facility management top priorities.

Integrating engineering raises operational efficiency in your plant by ensuring that all systems operate in unison.

Generally, CAFM systems are utilised to lower expenses and increase efficiency. Adopting an integrated workplace management system lowers energy use by 10%, enhances workspace by 40%, and saves 14% on facility maintenance costs.

Safety and Compliance Risks Elimination

Since most oil and gas employees are off-the-field, firms in the sector need help in minimising cybersecurity and regulatory compliance risks, as well as maintaining the flow of important tasks.

For the oil and gas sector, safety is of utmost importance. As an IFMA Certified Company, Eliezer puts safety first in all they do, and we can ensure your facility is tailored to the industry safety standard.

You can eliminate risks and hazards while relying on the extensive expertise of Eliezer Group while managing your facility.

Why Choose Us

Who We Are - Our Identity

Eliezer oversees and carries out various facilities management operations. Our extensive service offering provides customers a one-stop shop for all their facility requirements.

We have led the way in facilities management partnerships throughout Africa, offering our clients a whole project ownership strategy that is both cost-effective and results-oriented. With over 500 staff throughout Africa, we are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

We are facility managers – but not like others! Eliezer Group is the best among the rest.

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Our Guarantee

As a top facility management company, we guarantee the operational efficiency of your oil and gas plant and platform today.

Furthermore, we help with energy cost savings and increased maintenance management effectiveness due to our years of real-world experience.

Our cumulative experience in procurement and safety as a team, alongside our partnership with key suppliers and manufacturers, allows us to provide outstanding services.

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Let Us Help You Improve Your Oil and Gas Plant Today

From Onne to Lagos and Bonny Island to Port Harcourt, we have expansive tentacles and enough human resources to serve you with the right facilities management service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simply cutting waste, improving efficiency, and addressing the underlying issues that impact performance and cost, facility management can raise the effectiveness of operations in the oil and gas sector.

    With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, Eliezer Group is one of Africa’s best fit for remote site management services. We provide economical, tailored solutions to address every customer’s unique requirements and difficulties.

    Our qualified and experienced professionals provide excellent services while ensuring remote site workers are safe, comfortable, and in good health.

    Remote site management is the provision of different solutions and assistance to support the operations of remote sites, like construction sites, mining camps, and oil and gas fields. Security, waste disposal, housekeeping, laundry, catering, and energy management are just a few areas covered by remote site management. With remote site fm, you can focus on oil and gas production while we ensure your facilities function properly.

    The internet has made the world a global village, and incorporating mobile apps, which give you information in real-time, is the best way to go.

    Real-time data collection and validation, asset tracking, maintenance and monitoring, workforce management and cooperation, and improved safety and security are some advantages of utilising a mobile app for facility management at the oil rigs and platforms.

    Applying concepts from design, engineering, behavioural science, and business administration, CAFM technology maximises how well your company operates. To reduce costs optimally, you need to streamline maintenance, track and monitor asset performance in real-time, and increase overall operational efficiency; facility maintenance software may help save costs and increase efficiency.

    Maintenance monitoring, alerts and notifications, preventative maintenance, maintenance work checklists, maintenance analytics, and cloud and mobile technologies are the essential components that typically come with the CAFM we use in managing facilities in the oil and gas sector and several other industries.