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Franchising With Eliezer Group

Be a franchisee of Eliezer Group, a facilities management company with experience totaling 25 years of advancing our fastest-growing FM industry with excellent financial potential, and multiple business models to choose from.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our exceptional facilities management services, but also on an exceptional client experience. By keeping industry best practices and an authentic feel with each client, we have earned ourselves a brand that clients enjoy and want to be part of.

Underlisted Are The Benefits Of Franchising With Us

Multiple Business Models

At Eliezer Group, we offer different business models to choose from for franchises. You can run a total facilities management service with a different business, with our brand name, or even a combination of the both! The benefits of this flexibility mean different levels of investment and the ability to build with Eliezer Group.

Provided Training

 Training and education are very important to us because we know it helps our franchisees deliver the superior results and personalized service that our customers expect. We provide an integrated advanced training program that includes business management, customer service, recruiting, supervision, and safety.

Marketing & Publicity

Franchising with us gives you marketing and publicity benefits due to our brand and network. You will benefit from Eliezer’s existing reputation, marketing strategies, and customer base, which will in turn promote your franchise locally and enhance visibility, saving you time and effort in building your own brand from scratch. Note that the marketing support to be provided may vary.

Our Expertise

As an aspiring franchisee, you would gain access to a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience, allowing you to navigate the intricate landscape of maintenance, operations, and customer service with confidence. This expertise extends beyond basic facility management principles, encompassing advanced strategies, industry best practices, and innovative solutions. By offering a comprehensive framework of guidance, training, and ongoing support, Eliezer Group will empower you to deliver exceptional service, optimize operations, and establish a distinct competitive edge within the dynamic facilities management sector.

Contract Subletting

This tops other noteworthy benefits within our franchising system. At Eliezer Group, we often consider subletting some operations or contracts to our franchisees depending on contract factors. We also, after careful assessment permit our franchisees to sublet certain contractual obligations to third parties, this practice is to enable you to optimize resource allocation and reduce operational strain. We believe this arrangement allows franchisees to tap into specialized expertise or resources that they might lack internally, enhancing service quality, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Franchise Price

Eliezer Group franchise license costs $5,000. Our franchise territories are moving quickly; reach out to us before it is sold out!


for a franchise licence.

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