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Bank Facility Management for Nigerian Banks

Improve your bank’s ambience and brand image with our top-notch facility management service.

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Our Clients

Benefits of Working with Eliezer for Bank Facility Management

How We Can Improve Your Bank Facility

Eliezer is a top facility management company in Nigeria with extensive years of experience in managing bank facilities and public banking assets in Africa. Our reliable expertise in providing bank facilities and management services can improve your bank facility.

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Advanced Security Solutions

Banks need high-quality and efficient security solutions. We offer security systems that are adaptable and reasonably priced, meeting the banks' demands and specifications and providing frequent updates and upgrades to stay current with emerging standards and technology.

Eliezer Group has worked with several financial institutions, including Access Bank and UBA. We install and maintain security systems that work with the infrastructure of the banks and make sure they are connected to backup power sources to always capture and secure the environment.

Reasons Why Business Should Care About Energy Management

Best Energy Utilisation and Management

With the infrastructure needed in banks, energy bills can be enormous if not properly managed. ‏Certain places, such as ATM vestibules, vaults, and server rooms, need constant energy management monitoring to provide a positive customer experience.

At the same time, those systems as well as HVAC systems in the restrooms, lobby, bulk rooms, offices and hallways are needed to maintain customer comfort. As such, the use of manual and automated energy management systems is crucial to optimise and reduce the cost of energy generation and usage. We can help you with this.

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Security Personnel Training and Deployment

One problem with security services in Nigeria is the absence of adequate and regular training and development programs for security personnel to enhance their abilities and understanding of security best practices and regulations.

To tackle that, we provide frequent training to security staff members positioned at your bank, ensuring that they are highly trained to protect bank workers and clients, dissuade potential threats, and react swiftly and efficiently to incidents or security issues.

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IoT and Automation

Banks can enhance comfortability and productivity with IoT and automation. Eliezer Group offers practical and adaptable solutions, establishes and enforces strong security policies and procedures, and installs and maintains dependable and compatible IoT hardware and software to assist Nigerian banks with automation of facilities management and maintenance.

We have set up and utilised CAFM in numerous financial organisations, including Access Bank and Axa Mansard.

Why Choose Us

Who We Are - Our Identity

We are one of Lagos’ leading facilities management companies, delivering services in its home country and beyond.

Excellent service is the goal of Eliezer Group, whether that is installing bank facilities or maintenance and repairs of property facilities. Our basic tenet is that we strive to provide the extraordinary consistently, assisting you in achieving increased productivity and performance in your banking facilities.

For us to achieve all of these, our team comprises enthusiastic individuals to provide excellent infrastructure creation, management, and operation solutions.

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What We Have Done in The Facilities Management Sector

Eliezer Group is a facility management company that provides comprehensive facility management solutions to bank facilities in Nigeria and beyond, including financial businesses like yours.

We are one of Nigeria’s most sought-after facilities management firms, having worked with several of the top banks in Nigeria. Our dedication to our customers, co-workers, and community ensures we provide the best service.

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Let Us Improve Your Bank Facility Now

Your bank can increase employee and customer satisfaction and security levels by collaborating with Eliezer Group for bank facilities management. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.

    FAQs on Bank Facilities Management

    Facilities management ensures the facilities function correctly, including inventory projections, space planning, systems integration, technology installations, equipment maintenance and security.

    Bank facility management can help automate repetitive processes, control energy use more effectively, improve customer happiness and employee productivity, and optimise space usage and operational expenses.

    Reducing operational costs while maintaining a high maintenance standard and cost-effectively enacting facilities management that improves customer experiences while ensuring transactions are conducted in a safe and secure environment are some common challenges in bank facility management.

    Providing excellent security services, automating repetitive tasks, managing energy consumption more effectively, minimising downtime by offering regular maintenance and repair services for your facilities and equipment, minimising your environmental footprint by using sustainable practices in your facilities management operations, and partnering with a credible facilities management company like Eliezer Group are all ways to improve your bank’s facility management.

    The physical layout of bank branches could be improved using facilities management by ensuring a clean environment, cosy seating, setting up of user-friendly digital signs, installing and managing accessible areas such as wheelchair ramps, ensuring waste and energy are managed appropriately, and securing the banks with security guards, CCTVs, and more.