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Sports Facility Management Company

We plan and effectively manage leading sports recreation, and sports facilities. Our expert team makes it easy to drive the right performance for your facility – however you want it.

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How We Can Improve Your Sports Facility

With years of reliable expertise managing sports facilities, we can assist you in handling your facility without any problem. Here are several ways that we might help you:

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Provide Adequate Security

Tangible equipment and digital assets could be stolen. You need to enhance security measures for your sports facility and its occupants, as being prepared in advance increases the safety. Our security service covers security guards as well as technology backed security in terms of CCTVs and other top-notch technology-based security products.

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Serene and Clean Environment

Littering and poor maintenance at the sports facility often result in an unkempt and unwelcoming environment for sports lovers. And this can lead to a negative sports lovers' experience. To deal with this without stress, our service as a qualified property management company will provide a continuous, spotless and welcoming environment for customers and athletes.

Reasons Why Business Should Care About Energy Management

Increase Energy Efficiency

By improving your energy consumption in your facility, you can lower operational expenses, reduce your environmental footprint, increase profitability, improve productivity, and positively impact the fight against climate change. As a sports facility management company, we can improve your energy management processes and increase energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption at your facility.

Procurement of Sports Tools and Equipment

Sports facilities high quality equipment to ensure return clients. However, purchasing those can be tasking as in many cases, you might need to buy them from outside the country. The procurement of sports tools and equipment service by Eliezer Group entails the process of buying and organizing the fixtures, tools and equipment, and furniture required for your sports or recreation facility to function properly with ease.

Why Choose Us

Our Identity and Distinctiveness For Your Sport Facilities

We are one of Lagos’ leading facilities management companies with extensive years of experience.
Eliezer Group offers top-notch service, whether managing sporting facilities or overseeing the maintenance and repair of property facilities.

We consistently strive for quality facilities management because we deliver top-notch services.

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Our Track Record in Sports Facility Management

Eliezer Group is a facility management company that helps sports facility businesses like yours in Nigeria and Africa with total facility management solutions.

In the past years, we have successfully managed facilities, helping them with landscaping, energy management, security, procurement and logistics, and janitorial services. We have also successfully trained people in facility management after passing the necessary requirements and courses to become full-fledged FM managers.

Because of our achievements, we have become one of Nigeria’s most sought-after facility management companies. Contact us now to help you with your sports facility management.

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Let Us Help You Improve Your Sports Facility Today

We can help you tailor opportunities for your sports facility to your taste while maximising procedures, cost savings, safety, and efficiency in your facilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Sports Facility Management

    Simply put, sports management is maintaining the best possible state of readiness for events in sports and recreation facilities. To manage a facility successfully, it needs a facility manager. And the function of a sports facility manager is the maintenance of the facilities and the on-site workers. They might also participate in any possible facility renovation or reconstruction and purchase, leasing, and selling of facilities. The following facilities are frequently included in the scope of sports facility management:
    1. Arenas or stadiums
    2. Facilities for physical exercise and sports
    3. Public golf facilities
    4. Recreation facilities
    5. Athletic facilities
    6. Racing venues
    7. Gym centres

    Sports facility management aims to organise all maintenance tasks properly and streamline the control of a sports facility. This improves its level of performance and development.

    A facility director oversees the organisation’s facilities’ strategic planning and overall management. To ensure the facilities run successfully and efficiently, they supervise the creating and applying management plans, rules and procedures. They also help with long-term planning, budgeting, and following rules.

    On the other hand, the daily management and upkeep of the facilities fall within the responsibility of a facility manager. They are in charge of managing vendors, cleaning, security, and repairs. They frequently collaborate with the facility director to ensure the facilities are kept updated and serve the organisation’s needs.

    Sports facility managers can create and carry out an effective maintenance strategy with the aid of Computer-aided Facility Management software such as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

    CMMS enables managers to plan preventative maintenance procedures, and track maintenance work. Clubs may maintain their facilities properly, lowering the chance of equipment failure and decreasing downtime, by having a well-planned maintenance strategy through management software.