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Facility Management Training in Lagos - Expert Training for FM

Our facility management training school provides technical training solutions for the Facilities Management sector, covering a broad range of courses from electrical and mechanical safe systems of work to Janitorial services. It has a broad range of training’s created specifically for Building Service Engineers and Facility Managers.

The school is designed to bridge the gap created by inadequately and poorly trained personnel in the Facility Management industry.

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Who Should Attend Our Facility Management Course?

  • Individuals have extensive facilities management experience in a variety of sectors.
  • Working professionals interested in a career, job, or industry change in the facilities management profession.
  • Individuals that meet the qualifications and want to work in facilities management, engineering, or real estate.
  • Executives at the mid to senior level in any industry.
  • Any individual in a company that want a detailed workspace and facility management course to prepare them adequately for planning facilities management and to become a facilities management professional

Our Mission

To engage the smartest people and provide them with the best processes and systems to provide clients with the best place to live and work.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bridge the knowledge gap in Facility Management practices in Africa, through training and information.

Our Facilities Management Training School

Our facility management training centres are designed to support your career growth and drive increased people productivity for our corporate clients.

We engage with organizations and people who deliver and benefit from Facilities Management services as part of our position as part of a prominent FM company.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations to provide detailed total solutions and training programmes for their Facilities Management team members to improve productivity. We also ensure better bottom-line performance to help solve some of the Facility Management industry problems and professions.

In addition, we work with clients to assist their career development by developing programs in the areas of cost optimization, process efficiency, operational excellence, environmental responsibility, and business sustainability – which are some of the major challenges facing the FM industry today as demand for improved capacity and enhanced FM expertise grows.

As a result of our technique for capturing and assessing training gaps in facilities management, we can give our clients and participants important knowledge, trends, and solutions.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of training course that, in our opinion, address some of the most significant difficulties that Facilities Management organizations, FM project management, and facilities managers have faced over the year.

Scope Of our FM Training Courses

JANITORIAL Programs (Green Cleaning Company Certification, Customer Service Certification, etc)

The Janitorial FM Training Program is for business owners and managers who need to train janitorial personnel who clean buildings alone or in small groups.

This FM program assists business owners and managers in accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Find strategies to keep their workplace safe from injuries and illnesses.
  • Workers should be involved in their safety program.
  • Reduce the number of employee days off and productivity losses.
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PLUMBING (Ventilation and pipework, Health and safety, Waste pipes, Maintenance, etc)

Plumbers with a lot of experience are hard to come by. Recruiting and training new plumbers is time-consuming and expensive, leaving you with unfinished service calls.

The training program for job seekers can help you bridge the skills gap. The comprehensive training program required to efficiently and effectively manage a first-class team of plumbers and become one.

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GARDENING AND LANDSCAPING (Landscaping, Garden Maintenance, Principles of garden planning establishment, etc)

Property and facility management is incomplete without landscape management. A well-kept landscape increases the beauty and, thus, the value of a property.
It helps to build a positive brand identity.

Landscape maintenance projects must be planned, managed, and completed on time and budget, necessitating property and facility management knowledge.

With the help of our guide, this course will provide students with a thorough grasp of urban landscape management strategies.

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BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION Course for Facility Managers

Buildings need to be maintained appropriately to ensure that they could work as efficiently and effectively as feasible to deliver various services.

At the same time, building deterioration owing to a lack of care could result in future financial constraints, legal and other labour relations issues, and impact service delivery.

As a result, building maintenance is vital to the effective management of tangible assets and overall capital management to accomplish agency outcomes and institutional results.

The process of preserving and protecting building quality and ensuring the efficiency of the facilities includes identifying building problems and comprehending building materials as well as its mechanical and electrical systems. 

Also, the following are some of the most common causes of building maintenance issues in a facility:

  • Defective rainwater goods system.
  • Delayed floorboard.
  • Insect and termite attack.
  • Roof defects.
  • Fungal stain.
  • Harmful growth.
  • Erosion of mortar joints.
  • Poor air-conditioning system installation.

In this certification course, participants will learn how to develop a framework for maintenance management to give a consistent approach to building maintenance planning, management, and monitoring.

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ELECTRICAL( Installation and fittings, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc)

For the modern world to function, high-quality electrical building services are required. Eliezer training has the appropriate range of courses to help you satisfy that need, whether you want to learn about electrical services for the first time or renew and enhance your existing expertise.

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of electrical services and equipment and a greater understanding of many of the challenges that arise during the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

When dealing with electrical challenges, delegates will acquire their engineering judgment and confidence.

The training is based on industry standards. The hands-on course focuses on understanding the fundamentals of the subject matter, which are explained in plain English and simple terms. You can apply what you’ve learned and better understand the subject matter and design services following applicable regulations and codes of practice.

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MECHANICAL (Maintenance, HVAC installation and maintenance, Generator Maintenance, etc)

The internal environment and environmental impact of a building are centred on mechanical services. You must be able to use technology and grasp the principles to participate actively in the design, installation, or operation of these services.

Our programme gives you value. The value you will get from learning the course will cover a wide range of building engineering systems, including water supply, plumbing, and drainage, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

It will highlight the relative merits of various systems and discuss the current legislative and professional practice around design and maintenance.

Our Facility Management Training Qualifications - IFMA

We are IFMA certified. Our experience and credential are what sets up apart in helping any company and individual in Nigeria to learn professional facilities management.

The International Facility Management Association, IFMA, is the most universally acknowledged international association for facility management professionals. Integrating people, place, and procedure are all part of facility management. It is typically done in a built environment to improve its functioning and performance.

The Certified Facility Manager, CFM, accreditation sets the industry standard for recognising professional competence and skill in a facilities manager.

The IFMA Facility Management Professional Certification is designed to evaluate fieldwork proficiency through education and practical experience. It also involves the ability to do well on the exam, consisting of 11 competencies covering the facilities management syllabus.

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