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Procurement & Logistics Services in Nigeria

an image of a freight truck - sourcing and procurement, and logistics

Eliezer Group anticipates our customers’ procurement and logistics needs and we utilize continuous intelligence in key supply market. We leverage on our OEMS to increase purchasing power thereby reducing cost and we also allow end to end transparency on budget, vendors and logistics.

Sourcing and Procurement Services

We provide results-producing sourcing and procurement services to clients in Nigeria. From our office in Lagos, we help businesses and individuals source and procure what they need to ensure their supply chain is smooth.

We use innovative sourcing and procurement methods to help companies to achieve cost savings and better supplier relationships.  Eliezer is committed to fostering efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility and delivering impactful and sustainable results.

We are the best sourcing and procurement service provider in Nigeria for onshore and remote sites. Here are some of our procurement services in Nigeria:

  • Web-based procurement & MRO System
  • Warehousing Engineering Services
  • Distribution & warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Laydown Yard Management

Global Logistics Service for Nigerians

Looking to get goods or gifts from the UK, US, China, or any other country to Nigeria or move goods from Nigeria to any other country? We are your trusted logistics service. We help businesses and individuals safely transport goods to and from abroad.

Our logistics service also includes procurement to cover all ends in the supply chain. So, if you need one company to handle all your procurement and logistics needs, Eliezer Group is here for you.

Supply Chain Management For Nigerians

We are committed to providing world-class research, learning, and advocacy platforms for advancing knowledge and excellence in Africa’s logistics and supply chain management practice.

One of our visions is to encourage the advancement of logistics and supply chain management professionals.

The Nigerian supply chain service is always a go-to service. You need to try Eliezer.

Eliezer is always here for you to act as a resource centre and focal point for demonstrating Africa’s status as a logistics hub.

With Eliezer, you can trust us with your supply chain management and cargo dealings.

For your procurement and logistics services in Nigeria, contact us.

One of the Top Logistics Companies in Nigeria

With our track record of excellence in the past few years, we can boldly say with reasonable proofs that our company is the best logistics and supply chain limited in the country.

Even though there are many cargo and freight forwarding businesses in the country, Eliezer is the best ltd in the industry.

We provide logistics services solutions at international standards. Our logistics service is second to none. In recent times, our customers speak highly of our top-notch logistics dealings with them.

You might need information about any aerologistics company too. Send in your request today!

Do you need any of our logistics services? As a company, we don’t put our heads in the cloud. We will always help you with your needs. Contact us immediately. We are always available to answer you online via our website.

Learn About Our Services and Logistics Company

With ample experience in the field, we carry out our duties with much professionalism. Our customers are highly treated with dignity, and that is why they patronize us again.

Do you have questions about logistics and procurement services? Check the FAQs on procurement and logistics services below.

Eliezer Workplace Management Limited has taken a lot of concerns from us in terms of Facility Management.

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Senior Manager, Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

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    FAQs & More Information

    Procurement in logistics services is the sourcing of resources required to make things at their most basic level.

    This part of the supply chain is responsible for acquiring raw materials, replacement components, auxiliary supplies, operating supplies, and other goods required for the production process to run smoothly.

    The best procurement and logistics service in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria is the Eliezer Group.

    A trial will convince you. Do business with us, and you will never regret it.

    To get more information, kindly send us a message online via our website.

    Use our domestic door-to-door delivery services if you wish to simplify logistics management for your business, cut expenses, and limit the risk of loss or product damage.

    We can help your business provide international freight consolidation, air, ocean, and land transportation, customs clearing, and direct delivery to the desired destination in Abuja or anywhere in the country. Eliezer Workplace Management LTD can help you.

    Procurement is the process of obtaining things (e.g., raw materials, components, produced items), while logistics is the end-to-end distribution, warehousing from extraction to manufacture, delivery, maintenance, and return.

    As a company, we are available to attend to your logistics and supply chain management needs.

    Kindly send in your requests using WhatsApp or email at If you’d rather discuss with us via phone, call +2348144000052

    You can find full details on our availability on our contact page.