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Introducing a service that fully integrates many aspects of security that have traditionally been delivered separately.
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Integrated Building System Security

This is an innovative technology emerging in the security market that offers significant improvements for facilities and security managers, as well as end users. But the real power lies within managing these technologies as part of an integrated security and building solution.With an integrated system, silos are eliminated, information is shared between departments and important building functions can be centralized-increasing safety and improving efficiency.
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Manned Guarding & Incident Management

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As part of our integrated security service, we provide manned guarding services to a broad base of clients across a variety of protfolios. Standard tasks include access control, building tours, card issue services, reception duties, CCTV monitoring and first aiding.Eliezer provides you with a rapid response and immediate reporting facilities to incidents. We provide you with real time reporting via the internet. In addition to immediate reporting, our system delivers unique identification numbers, escalation of relevant incidents and provides an audit trail of activity for all reports.

Get Secure

Security was one of the services that companies first considered buying from an external service provider. Since that time, not an awful lot has changed in the way security services are delivered.

A Leading Company

Being at the forefront of the facility management industry, our security services increases physical & data security, & streamline your entire security operation.

All-in-one Security

Our service fully integrates many aspects of security that have traditionally been delivered separately. We deliver and are innovative to provide the right solutions.


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We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable security and consultants providing both operational and strategic consultancy services to clients within every sector. Together, the team has over 20 years security industry experience and will create tailored solutions to meet your specific security needs.

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