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Security Company in Nigeria Providing top-notch Security Services

Introducing a service that fully integrates many aspects of security that have traditionally been delivered separately, including building security, guard service, security consultancy, and more.

an image of a staff from a security company monitoring CCTV footage

Integrated Building System Security

The benefits of integrating building automation systems are many, but did you know that integrated building automation also offers Nigerian security benefits, which we offer at Eliezer?

This is an innovative technology emerging in the security market that offers significant improvements for facilities and security managers, as well as end-users. But the real power lies within managing these technologies as part of an integrated security and building solution.

With an integrated system, silos are eliminated, information is shared between departments and important building functions can be centralized-increasing safety and improving efficiency.

Through this service, we ensure that your building security is as you need it to be using the technologies that you require.

an image of security systems installed in a building by a security service

Manned Guard Service & Incident Management

an image of a security guard from a security service

As part of our integrated security service, we provide manned guard services to a broad base of clients across various portfolios.

The standard tasks of our guards include building access control, building tours, card issue services, reception duties, CCTV monitoring and first aiding.

Eliezer provides you with rapid response and immediate reporting facilities to incidents. We provide you with real-time reporting via the internet. In addition to immediate reporting, our system delivers unique identification numbers, escalates relevant incidents and provides an audit trail of activity for all reports.

In-depth threat assessments, counter-sabotage, crisis management, and other services are all part of our offer.

Security Consultancy

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Our comprehensive security consulting services are used to assist clients in planning, designing, and implementing a safe and secure environment for your company.

We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable security and consultants providing both operational and strategic consultancy services to clients within every sector in the country.

Together, the team has over 20 years of security industry experience and will create tailored solutions to meet your specific security needs.

From our headquarters in Lagos state, we provide security consultancy and other security services to clients in all states in Nigeria. We are at the forefront of security in Nigeria and also provide top-notch facility management services in the industry.

Industrial & Warehouse Security Nigeria

Eliezer is an independent Nigeria security company that provides security guards services. We provide a wide range of professional, effective, and bespoke security services to meet your specific requirements.

Regularly, law-breaking criminals target industrial and warehouse areas. Theft and vandalism are attracted to industrial sites and warehouses. It is due to a variety of factors.

Our guards can successfully meet any industrial or warehouse facility’s security demands. We have professional security guards who can patrol premises, check CCTV, respond to crises, and set alarms.

We also post several warning boards near hot zones on your site to act as an extra visual deterrent to criminals accessing the area.

Eliezer will examine your facility to establish the best course of action for security protection. It is an optional aspect of our service that is critical to ensuring the site’s functionality and identifying any trouble areas.

an image of a staff from a security company monitoring CCTV footage

Get Secure with this Security Company

Security was one of the services that companies first considered buying from an external service provider. Since that time, not an awful lot has changed in the way security services are delivered. We go above the regular to provide all-in-one security. 

We are a Leading Company

Being at the forefront of the facility management industry, our security services increases physical & data security, & streamline your entire security operation.

All-in-one Security

Our service fully integrates many aspects of security that have traditionally been delivered separately. We deliver and are innovative to provide the right solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of security services in Nigeria depends on your exact situation.

    Our security service is affordable. Before providing an estimate, we assess and analyze the demands of our clients. Experience has proven that analyzing the “pure risk” faced by clients is essential before developing programs to address those security issues and dangers. 

    The risk assessment and study serves as the foundation for deploying workforce and electronic technology to manage risk in regards to security Nigeria.

    Contact us now, which is the first step toward receiving top-notch security in Nigeria.

    We offer different services, including providing private guards. Our customers’ privacy and info are always secured.

    You can reach out to us for any service upgrade. We are also available if you want to purchase security products and gadgets.

    No. Our services are not limited to only security services. Eliezer offers a wide range of services. You can visit the homepage to learn more.

    No. Security services in Nigeria do not always include Integrated building systems security.

    However, most buildings in the country need it and that security gives rise to many possibilities both in the global & local market.

    It is necessary to have an integrated building system security; It will help you have a productive day without having to worry about security. From CCTVs to photos, videos, and solutions that control access to designated areas for the right privacy and security at all times.

    Do you need the service of private security agencies in Lagos state or anywhere in the country? Contact us now.