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Benefits of Hiring a Facility Management Service

why you need a facilities management service from a team

Whether you think of it or not, organisations need dependable facilities management services to keep the lights on, get running, keep facility management costs down, and keep other essential services working correctly.

All the above are cared for by either an in-house facility manager or a facility management company. However, working without a professional facilities manager or even a skilled one in-house isn’t the best unless you are a tiny business in one room without facilities.

To prevent your organisation from struggling with the maintenance of its core objectives or crippling under the weight of facility management costs, here are reasons why you need a facilities management service

Facilities Management Companies Think of Everything 

Facilities management services include numerous range of tasks to be adequately managed depending on the type of organisation. Such tasks can be categorised under hard and soft services.

Hard services are focused on keeping the building operational: maintenance of air conditioning systems, energy management, gas, water supply, PCI systems, supply management (water, gas, and electricity), etc. 

However, there are also auxiliary services (also called soft services) related to the building and users, such as security, cleaning, reception, catering, gardening, etc.

When you have such areas or needs in your organisation, you need a company to handle all of them. Trying to manage them internally will only lead to high management costs or inefficiency in cases where only one or two facility managers are hired.

Hence you cannot ignore the need for a facility management company in order to cover these areas. This saves the company from being choked with the enormous task of doing it themselves.

Facility Management Services Save Costs and Optimise Processes

Facilities management service providers can use their deep expertise, established processes, and economies of scale to help any business or organisation streamline service delivery and cut operating costs.

In addition, they have a track record of managing a group of related services with experienced staff, which is more efficient than getting one or two people to handle management or companies experienced in one area only, such as cleaning.

This unique skill enables them to shift an organisation’s paradigm from input-based management (hours and resources) to results-based management (performance). 

Strategic Management and Support For Facilities

Continuous improvement is one of the core working principles of top facility Management companies, which is why they are instrumental in managing continuous innovation, which even translates to the use of technology – otherwise called computer-aided facility management – in helping the business make their facilities more efficient every day.

Maintenance of Infrastructure for Your Business

When you outsource managing your facilities to an experienced service provider, you can rest assured that your building infrastructures are well maintained, including the cleanliness and integrity of the premises.

To fulfil this responsibility of keeping the facilities clean and in good condition, such service will apply hygiene and disinfection strategies, thus avoiding the spread of bacteria through the surfaces.

Top facility services usually specify the hygiene procedures they provide and build such through rigorous programs, which indicates the steps to be followed in the different areas of the building. 

In addition to this, good facilities management service providers always ensure that there is a code of conduct in the event of an outbreak at the facility. This code will contain all the measures to be taken in the event of the presence of viruses or hazardous occurrences in the company. With the COVID-19 pandemic, you will agree that strategies for handling facilities in virus outbreaks are necessary.

A Facilities Management Company Ensures the IFMA Regulations Are Followed

When a company is fully compliant, it reflects in how they provide their service. Facilities management teams must adhere to various international, national, and industry regulatory requirements that resolve workplace health and safety concerns and ensure that compliance data is reliable, consistent, timely, full, and protected. 

Compliance aids in the protection of your property and staff, as well as the prevention of unauthorised entry to a building. They also ensure that the facilities comply with all legal specifications.

They Take Care of Minor Areas You Don’t Think of

Most facility management companies take care of the entire cycle of facilities to include minor areas like cleaning and catering in the workplace. Those are frequently overlooked but help motivate your staff to provide the best output.

An efficient facilities management process is critical to an organisation because it encompasses almost all facets of the business. Its position in strategic planning assists a company in achieving its goals.

That’s Why you Need a Facilities Management Service. What Next?

Facilities management has undergone a complex evolution in recent decades, from unit services to bundled service approaches and subsequently to international facility management methods designed to bring people, processes and technology together to improve operations and competitive advantage. 

As such, it is now increasingly crucial that businesses must hire a facilities management service if they wish to focus on pushing their business forward rather than managing or crippling under managing their infrastructure.

To help your business lower its risk of failing facilities, lower your operation cost, and improve business efficiency, kindly call +234-81-44000052 or email for all your facility management needs. If you’re not sure what you need, still reach out to discuss with an expert facility management company to see how we can help you.

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