Global Facility Management Day 2021

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Do you work in a massive company that seems to run like clockwork? Do you love going to the city mall and taking advantage of the various services available? Do you have a favourite resort because of how friendly the staff is and the amenities it offers?

Every one of those is the product of a team of Facilities Management professionals working behind the scenes to ensure that all activities run smoothly and that the facility’s users have everything they need. The world facilities management day honours these individuals and their role even though the end-user never sees them.

Why Is the World Facilities Management Day Important?

World Facilities Management Day is a day devoted to recognising and celebrating those in the facilities management sector. World Facilities Management Day aims to recognise the valuable work that facilities management professionals do every day and the FM industry’s contribution to global business.

The goal of the international day is to raise the facilities management profession’s status and known everywhere that facilities management can help people leverage a healthy, safe, and efficient workplace.

The Day also promotes the facilities management profession by encouraging global information sharing and great honour on the outstanding facilities management team, enabling them to do better.

World Facility Management Day 2021: Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic

The theme of the 2021 world facility management day is standing tall beyond the pandemic. 

How Has the Pandemic Affected the Facilities Management Services?

The global pandemic ravaged the world in no small way and affected the productivity of the facilities management companies all around the world. If companies were still dealing with challenges before the arrival of this global pandemic, the challenges became even more intense after the coronavirus.

The facilities management services sector, like many other departments, has been hit hard, and many management professionals are running out of time to make amends.

The following are some of the most significant consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on the sector:

Companies Shutting Down

As we all know, several companies shut down physical operations due to the pandemic. Till now, several of them have not fully resumed physical operations and are rather working remotely.

As a result, there has been a decline in the demand for facilities management services. Sure, buildings are lying fallow, but employees aren’t working from them.

Economic Challenges

With many businesses shutting down for the quarantine, the global economy was hit hard. As a result, several companies are trying to cut down costs. With many of their buildings not in operation, they would rather not spend on keeping the facility operational and top quality.

Ability to bear the logistical costs

Any facility management company that wants to bring quality products and services to the organisations needs efficient logistics—packaging, stock, information maintenance, asset maintenance, order processing, and transportation.

If you do not have well-defined logistics processes, you cannot guarantee the success of your operations as a facilities management professional, let alone ensure that you can meet demand well.

As the shutdown caused the turnover of many industries to drop, raising enough resources to bear all the logistical costs has also become one of the main impacts that came with the coronavirus.  

Post-Pandemic: What Next for the FM Industry?

Facilities management will play a leading role in resuming post-pandemic activities by inspiring confidence to return to work safely, says a report by the management and acquisitions facility management team at BDO, a British accounting and business consultancy. 

The main sectors under the direct influence of the facilities management services, such as cleaning, health and safety and general building maintenance, will enjoy greater awareness.

That awareness will pertain to the workers hygiene, food safety, climate control and the need for new upkeeping strategies to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Amidst many other things, here are a few reasons why organisations need facilities management services in the post-pandemic era.

To ensure a Safe Working Environment

The safety of an organisation’s employees, on-site contractors and visitors would be on your FM company. Here is where the FM professionals step in and take the appropriate measures to keep the workplace safe:

  • Creating infection control policies
  • Limiting shared spaces. For companies with large teams, they can help provide plans for lowering the number of people in the building at a time and clean-up if an employee falls sick.
  • Encourage a financial and responsible investment to be made in hygiene materials and protective equipment and ensure regular use of them! 

Note: Social responsibility begins with the individual, and all employees must be engaged in this. 

Designate who Leads Your Pandemic Response

FM companies also encourage a designation of someone to take charge of your pandemic response plan and become a reliable source of information.

Your head of human resources best handles anything that involves the employees and the workplace, so it’s most likely he/she will be designated to do this task. Still, the plan can be created by facilities management professionals. 

Standing Tall on World FM Day 2021 and Beyond

Given that so many of these great people (Facility Management professionals) go unnoticed, you should recognise the facility management professionals in your workplace and mall on May 12 2021.

If your company doesn’t have a facility manager, your organisation needs one; when a professional Facility Manager is behind the wheel, everything runs more smoothly, so show them some love!

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