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Government buildings, campuses, religious organisations, industrial centres, property management firms, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices benefit from using facilities management software to organise and perform their everyday duties.

This article breaks down facility management software, what it is, its uses, and the top facility management software in the market.

What is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software was created to better connect the physical workplace with the people who do the work.

Its functionality encompasses a range of activities, from asset management to equipment maintenance to work order processing. 

Top Facility Management Software

These are the top facility management software:

  • Up-Keep
  • Track Plan
  • Office-Space Software
  • Hippo CMMS
  • Axonator FM
  • Quick-FMS
  • FM-Interact
  • Facilitron
  • Quick Base
  • Infra-speak
  • FMX

To better understand how the above software works, it is important to examine various types of facilities management software. This will give us a more detailed perspective regarding their functionality and what we should look out for on our quest to embrace facilities management software in an organisation. 

The Four Most Popular Types of Facility Management Software

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

The CAFM software provides facilities managers with administrative capabilities such as monitoring, managing, preparing, and reporting physical spaces and company locations. 

CAFM software is mainly used as a database for FM-related facilities, expenditures, and operations, and it also contains BIM or CAD capabilities.

Working with CAFM software has many advantages, including: 

  • The ability to keep a complete asset registry for auditing purposes, manage condition surveys, retain assets that are still under warranty, and execute contract renewals.
  • Helps to keep all stock information, such as part number, preferred supplier, last supplier, last price charged, bin spot, reorder quantity, restock level, in one place
  • It has features for setting reminders to ensure you don’t miss any maintenance schedule within your facility.

Even with the above, you must have a computer-aided facility management company to administer and set up the above appropriately, so you get the most benefits. For more information, call +2348144000052 or email You can also visit our office.

Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Another form of facility management software is CMMS, which has many of the same features as CAFM software but gives a more in-depth look at a company’s maintenance planning and execution.

In addition, the CMMS applications can provide automated maintenance scheduling and tracking capabilities, and it is geared toward preventive maintenance in particular.

Highlighted below are the advantages of using a CMMS:

  • Standardising procedures, optimising maintenance schedules, and improving resource access to increase performance.
  • It also eliminates safety breaches and manages safety preparation to improve workplace health and safety.
  • Costs are kept under control by the monitoring and reporting function of the software, which aids its ability to conserve resources.

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS)

This Software is also known as a CMMS. But, it is designed to simplify the huge task of keeping track of a company’s physical assets to increase operational efficiency.

An EAM has a deeper function than a traditional CMMS. This is displayed by its capacity to help reduce capital costs, lower asset-related maintenance costs, extend the life of an asset, and thereby enhance the return on investment (ROI).

To achieve a competitive edge, management can better monitor the efficiency and expense of the company asset by having real-time insight into every part of the assets, and an Enterprise Asset Management Software can do this.

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

IWMS is a software framework that assists organisations in optimising the use of workplace tools, such as real estate portfolio management, infrastructure management, and facilities asset management.

Highlighted below are the benefits of working with this software:

  • With reliable real-time data, decisions like renewing leases, reducing property inventory, and deciding whether or not to construct a new building become simpler.
  • Instead of searching through Excel spreadsheets or various software platforms, employees can easily access and report on information using an IWMS, increasing overall productivity.

The Best Facility Management Software


Up-Keep is the first mobile-first maintenance application for facility and asset management teams. This facilities management software is trusted by over 50,000 users worldwide, including Unilever, Yamaha, McDonald’s, and USDA. 

This top facility management software is designed to handle most of your work order management, task scheduling, barcode scanning, and inventory management needs. It is a CMMS and has some free basic features to manage as many work orders as you wish. This makes it a great choice for small enterprises and start-ups.

This software can automate typical maintenance tasks and increase a facility’s operational efficiency.

Its analytics dashboard feature makes it simple to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies; It also reveals which facilities, locations, and equipment are consuming the most resources and which technicians are completing the most work orders.

Further, it offers:

  • A custom web portal
  • Smart monitoring
  • Real-time notifications

That is great because this software allows you to devote more time to strategic planning and cooperation.

As your organisation expands, you may choose to commit to subscription plans to access their advanced capabilities, but their free version is still a good bargain.

Track Plan

Track Plan is a top facility management software. It controls and captures all job-related information which makes it one of the outstanding Facilities Management Software. It also has an inbuilt scheduler which helps in planning the workflow within the organisation.

Recurring work for planned jobs within the organisation can be created automatically and monitored up-to-date with the inbuilt tracking system.

It’s simple to raise requests and notifications to the maintenance crew when choosing ‘‘track plan’’ as your chosen facilities management software.

When contractors are assigned work, it is quite easy for the progress and timing of the project to be tracked and monitored effectively. Anybody can operate this software because of the simplicity of its installation.

Office-Space Software

This top facility management software is designed to function on any device, and it is user-friendly, allowing you to do any task in as few steps as possible. Office Space facilities management software allows users to channel various activities to suit the workplace and promote company culture due to its speed and efficiency.

This software handles everything from scheduling to budgeting to costing analysis to recording all entered data.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is a robust but easy-to-use maintenance management system. This multi-award-winning software is completely web-based and suitable for a wide range of industrial niches, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and hospitality.

It assists facility managers in maximising assets, ensuring compliance, and lowering maintenance costs. Here are some of its features:

  • Work order management
  • Ensures that your facility conforms to industry standards
  • Routine maintenance planning 

Axonator FM

Axonator FM is award-winning facilities management software that is enterprise-grade, secure, and scalable. This software helps facility management departments and companies go digital step-by-step using the Micro App strategy.

When you use this program, all of your data automatically travels to a central location, allowing you to build reports for higher management for decision-making, performance tracking, and compliance monitoring.


Quick-FMS is a top facility management software solution that is dependable, scalable, and quick. It focuses on enhancing personnel efficiency to have a positive influence on the top and bottom lines.

The ease of installation and user-friendly interface are some of the features it offers. The user will be on board in less than 48 hours while continuing to conduct business as usual. Meanwhile, using this software, data collection is also quite simple.


FM-Interact delivers up-to-date and accurate representations of current assets to the user. It assists in cost reduction while also producing cash for the firm. Scenario planning is a crucial element of FM-Interact that allows users to layout their expansion plans in other places.


The Facilitron platform handles both internal and external reservation requests, revolutionising how facility managers run their businesses. It has a built-in capacity to centralise all facility scheduling, calendars, and communications, saving administrators time and streamlining the workflow.

Quick Base

Quickbase is a no-code facilities management program that promises to improve your operations’ efficiency and concentrate essential company data. It reduces your workload by allowing you to collect, track, and manage data from a single location.

This software is mobile-ready, highly scalable, and also designed to automate manual processes using best-in-class tools. Asset monitoring, inventory management, and maintenance request management are just a few of the capabilities, making it one of the most comprehensive apps for facility management systems.


This top facilities management software is characterised by advanced communication techniques, full transparency, and better integration.

It assists the user in communicating directly with consumers, reducing maintenance times, and ensuring proper facility upkeep.

Infra-speak’s SLA add-on fully complies with all corrective and preventive maintenance quality standards and helps keep up with the deadline.


FMX is a computerised maintenance management system with a simple user interface and configurable components that makes facility management easier.

Respected firms use this program, including Avon, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and the USDA. It is a terrific tool for schools, manufacturing facilities, property management firms, and restaurants to speed up their operations.

Maintenance tracking, asset management, and resource scheduling are among its many features. FMX is available on all desktop and mobile devices, and it has different price levels depending on your company’s demands.

Benefits of Facility Management Software

Facility management software helps businesses and facility managers to achieve more in less time, ensures consistency, and provides oversight on their facilities without being physically present.

In addition, facility management software can ensure:

  • Regulatory compliance with government and industry bodies 
  • Accurate and automatic information capturing on all that goes on with the facilities
  • Speedy reporting
  • Synchronisation of maintenance and repairs
  • Notification when maintenance is due
  • Managers get insights into the performance of the facility managers

Furthermore, facility management software helps with easy “handover” if facility managers are changed. 

All that is the bird’s eye view. For a more in-depth explanation, look at our points detailed below:

Dashboard View of Managerial Duties

A comprehensive facilities maintenance platform aims to lengthen asset lifespans and lower ownership costs. FM software reduces reactive maintenance costs and inconveniences by allowing for planned and preventative maintenance. 

Embracing facilities management software also creates a strict asset care schedule that ensures that all assets work at their best while allowing for a seamless operational schedule and staff safety. 

Users are also at an advantage because they get thorough reports to determine replacement timelines and costs. At the same time, managers may keep track of labour resources and identify personnel who are most suited for specific tasks.

Strategic Resource Planning

Facilities management software systems organise an organisation’s administrative, inventory, and labour resource aspects. The improved communication between office administrators and service professionals reduces misunderstandings and boosts departmental efficiency.

Users can link certain jobs to eligible staff and track job hours to make better decisions in the future. Facilities management is also used by managers to determine ongoing maintenance requirements and to maintain existing assets.

Reduced Energy Costs

Organisations can use facilities management software to re-evaluate their energy performance and discover waste areas empirically. It can also help discover operational inefficiencies.

Furthermore, it has reporting dashboards that provide a complete view of energy use, resource allocation, and time per activity. This report shows how well a company is operating and where you might make improvements.

Repair & Maintenance Management

Any FM team’s major role is to keep assets in good operating order, including proactively scheduling essential repairs or maintenance (R&M). Work orders can be submitted on the move, with progress tracking ensured.

Parts & Supply Management

FM software makes it simple for firms to purchase approved sourced and contracted goods. Controlling these transactions allows companies to save money, verify quality, streamline ordering, and track warranties.

Settlement/Payment Processing

Contractor invoices can be submitted electronically, confirmed against negotiated rates and applicable sales taxes, tagged for G/L processing, and integrated with third-party accounting systems using facility management software.

Asset Management

FM software provides a single platform for storing a complete record of all equipment and locations and all work history and maintenance information. This makes equipment warranties, mandatory inspections, and planned maintenance easier to tag, manage, and track.

How Can FM Software Help Businesses Reduce Costs? 

One of the quickest methods to cut facility management costs is to implement a software platform.

Simply switching from an error-prone, inefficient pen-and-paper system to a digitised, automated platform reduces the time and resources allocated to work order administration, allowing teams to focus on proactive, preventive measures instead.

Furthermore, having access to advanced analytics makes it simple to identify patterns of overspending and key areas for improvement, allowing them to be addressed and reversed swiftly.

Facility management software also connects with third-party financial systems, allowing organisations to gain greater visibility into R&M spending while avoiding the time-consuming process of manual data entry.

Businesses may get access to useful indicators like cost per square foot per year, cost per user, cost per workplace, cost per month, and a variety of additional data. This information aids facility managers in identifying areas for improvement and devising cost-cutting strategies.

Finally, preventive maintenance saves money by lowering the number of failures and emergency repairs a company has to deal with each year and avoiding warranty lapses and unneeded equipment replacements.

Assets will live longer with an automated preventive maintenance program, and you will significantly lower overall maintenance costs. The correct software will make it simpler for firms to put their plans into action.


Multi-site facility managers can perform various ongoing maintenance and repair functions with robust facilities management software, including asset management, commercial contractor sourcing and compliance, work order fulfilment, preventive maintenance scheduling, invoicing, and data analytics.

FM teams can better track space usage, analyse spending patterns over time, boost energy efficiency, and save expenses with the correct technologies while improving communication with service providers and internal stakeholders.

These are simply a few of the advantages that facilities management software can provide to your company.

For assistance with planning your facility management to reduce cost, call +2348144000052 or email You can also visit our office.

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