Sustainable Facilities Professional Certification SFP

The management and staff of Eliezer Workplace Management Limited ( a leading Facilities Management Company in Africa) congratulates the President and Chief Executive Officer on the successful completion of the Sustainability Facilities Professional Certification SFP (the first in Nigeria) and also his call to fellow of the Charted Institute of Bankers, Nigeria.

The Facility Management Company which got certified by the Standard organization of Nigeria early this year has her system certified for Quality Management system ( ISO 9001: 2008) and happens to be the first Service company in Nigeria to get certified by the Standards Organization of Nigeria for Occupational Health and Safety Management System ( ISO 18001: 2007).

Over the course of more than 10 years, Eliezer Workplace Management Limited (ELIEZER WPM) has built solid relationships with hundreds of clients in Africa offering the most complete and innovative way to provide and integrate facility and business support services in the marketplace. We seamlessly integrate services with best-practice processes and programs that maximize efficiency, quality, safety, and productivity.

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