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Introducing Our New Venture: Launching a Brand That Redefines the Agricultural Industry

The need to give better and more value-added services to our clients has always been our motivation and has always prompted our gradual transformation as a group.

In order to better service and deliver our promises to our clients, especially in the hospitality industry, we have gone further to initiate a backward integration system to further strengthen our supply chain.

This year, we have launched another subsidiary burdened with the task of addressing national food security, supporting the industrial catering arm of our business, and facilitating the survival and success of our country’s food supply chain.

Kire Farms will focus on Integrated Crop, Fish and Livestock Farming, Meat Processing, abattoir, Crops, Fish, livestock, development on a small and large scale, and other provincial agricultural operations in addressing national food security and our clients’ needs and also supporting Sustainable development goals 2 of the United Nations.

Eliezer Group is the foremost Integrated Facilities Management Company in Africa, delivering total facilities management services.

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