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How Much Does Landscaping Cost in Nigeria? (A Complete Guide to Landscaping Prices)

landscaping in Nigeria - How Much Does Landscaping Cost in Nigeria

Getting a professional landscaper to cover your landscaping project is not a hassle. With so many companies offering different quotes, this can leave you pondering: how much does landscaping cost in Nigeria?

Nothing looks more sight-worthy than the appearance of a perfectly landscaped yard. From a lush-looking garden accentuated with conspicuous flowers to a marble water fountain, landscaping can transform your home and bring it to life.

How much you spend on your landscaping Nigeria project depends on many factors, and this article covers the prices for landscaping your home in detail.

What Is Landscaping In Nigeria?

an image of a well-done landscape | landscaping service in Nigeria

Landscaping entails modifying an area or piece of land to make it aesthetically pleasing by adding ornamental features and planting trees and shrubs.

Landscaping in Nigeria has evolved over the years. Each year, new designs and innovations are introduced. These designs capitalise on protecting the land and ecosystems, preserving water use, etc.

Every landscape design is thoughtfully planned out—from planting ornamental trees to creating an ambience that looks stunning every season of the year.  

What Are The Benefits Of Landscaping To Business? 

Landscaping in Nigeria has unquantifiable benefits. It increases the value of your office and beautifies the surroundings. Landscaping remains one of the most profitable investments you can make for your properties. More reasons to landscape your office include: 

It Increases Property Value

One critical aspect real estate buyers look out for is the outlook of the property before making a purchase. Landscaping gives an excellent impression and increases curb appeal. Real estate agent Alistair Macmillan shared that “the value that landscaping brings is increased inspections, more competition, and better sales prices.”

Real estate buyers are more likely to buy a property with professional landscaping, both front and back. A recent study reveals that a well-landscaped home can add approximately 6-13% of value compared to that without landscaping. 

Landscaping Helps To Control Erosion And Pollution

Landscaping procedures such as retaining walls can help prevent erosion. If your property sits on a hill, you can use this procedure to reduce erosion and increase drainage.

Shrubs, trees, and ground cover filter pollutants from rainwater. Planting landscape buffers is also an excellent means of reducing the flow of sediments into water bodies.

Landscaping plants are excellent for purifying atmospheric air. One research reveals that one tree can remove 12kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year. This value equals 17,700Km of car emissions. In addition, one tree can also provide enough air for a family of four. 

Beneficial For Your Employee’s Mental Health

Office areas are susceptible to noise from traffic jams or blaring car horns. This continuous chaos can result in anxiety and stress. But exposure to nature has proved to be a lasting solution to stress and illnesses. Researchers affirm that looking at the greenery curtails high blood pressure. 

It Has Aesthetic Benefits

Landscaping can enhance the visual appeal of your building. The aroma from neatly manicured flowers or the smell from the freshly manicured lawn is soothing. 

A professional and beautifully landscaped property is well suited for meditation, therapeutic purposes, and the beautification of the surrounding. 

What Are The Types Of Landscaping?

Landscaping techniques are applied differently in every region of the country. But these three are the commonest. 


Softscaping is a term that refers to planting and installing live horticultural elements in your surroundings. Live horticultural features include living plants such as: 

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs 
  • Trees
  • Grass 
  • Flower beds 

These elements are accentuated by hardscape elements such as stone walls, brick walkways, tile patios, etc.  Softscaping also covers duties revolving around lawn care. Sod installation, planting, grading, mowing, fertilising, trimming, and digging all attract additional costs. 


This involves adding artificial decorative elements that are not horticultural. It refers to landscaping involving non-living components such as a stone wall, brick patio, driveway, etc. 

Installing retaining walls, concrete patios, stone walkways, or adding a porch to your home all comes at different costs depending on the size and quality of the material. 


Xeriscaping is another aspect of landscaping that involves designing and planting a yard to eliminate irrigation, reduce yard trimmings, and save on fertilising, maintenance, and watering. Usually, it means replacing grass lawns with drought and water-tolerant elements and xeric plants such as soils, mulch, or cactus plants.

Using grass in your yard is inexpensive, but a xeriscaped garden is more cost-effective. The cost of xeriscaping varies depending on the contractor handling your project. 

Landscape Maintenance 

Landscape maintenance involves all the services geared at keeping a landscape clean, attractive, safe, and healthy.  These services involve, but it is not limited to mowing, pest control, lawn fertilisation, yard cleanup, and soil aeration. 

Landscape maintenance fees are usually inexpensive. Some companies provide weekly, biweekly, or monthly services. Some others give a one-time maintenance service for premium projects. 

How Much Does Landscaping Cost In Nigeria? 

The cost of landscaping in Nigeria depends on several factors. Mostly, it depends on the type of project. For instance, landscaping in urban areas will likely cost more than less developed areas. 

The size of your property, labour charge, and landscape design are other factors that determine the price of landscaping in Nigeria. Let’s explore these options to give you an overview of the average landscaping costs in Nigeria. 

Type Of Project

The cost of professional landscaping in Nigeria can vary, depending on your preferences. For residents in water-prone areas, landscape architectural techniques such as installing retaining walls can be necessary. This can attract extra charges from the landscaper. 

If your property is large, creating a design plan is necessary. You don’t have to worry if your space is small. A design plan gives a framework of how your project will look once completed. Having a design in place will ensure the project goes successfully. Medium and large projects require a large amount of labour before it’s finished.

  • Will you prefer a minimalist style or a mix of colours? 
  • Will there be terrain or slopes? 
  • Will the entire design be on flat ground? 
  • Will your landscape be viewed throughout the season? 
  • Do you want a walkway or patio? 

The technicality of your design can attract more costs. You may include extra resources such as soil, lighting, boulders. Colour harmony and beauty all through seasons should be considered when creating a landscape design.


The geographical location impacts the cost of landscaping in Nigeria. Weather conditions, water resources, type of vegetation, and terrains also affect landscape cost. 

Is your office located close to your contractor? Is the soil smooth or rocky? If the ground is full of rocks, the landscaper will have to haul in better soil. Remote areas difficult to access will increase the cost of the project. 

In addition, backyard landscaping is costlier and more complex than the front yard. This is because the landscape has more elaborate features, so they tend to be more expensive. If you want a private pool or other features such as pavilions, it could attract more costs.

Another aspect to consider is if your contractor will be shipping materials from another state or country. This can incur additional shipping costs. 


Locations that are difficult to access can increase landscaping costs. This is why most landscaping companies inspect properties before giving an estimate.

For instance, before landscaping, steep slopes or rocky soil should be levelled out. If you intend to install a pool or retaining wall, digging the rocky soils can be difficult. These processes may even attract the use of special equipment. In cases such as this, the prices will inflate.

Size Of Property

The size of your property is one of the significant factors that affect the average cost of landscaping in Nigeria. Larger projects will cost more compared to smaller ones.

Some landscaping companies may charge by the size of your property and not per project. So if you have a compact space, like a small office property, expect to pay lesser fees. On the flip side, larger projects attract more costs. However, some contractors give special discounts for medium and large-sized properties.

Season Of The Year

Typically, you should do landscaping during the dry season. If you want your home to be landscaped during this time of the year, expect to pay the average cost for landscaping in Nigeria.

Landscapers might add extra charges when the weather is calm, mainly in the rainy season. But some landscapers will be willing to lower their fees during this period. This may be a way to earn some money outside their working season.  

Type Of Materials To Be Used 

As inflation surges in the nation, we have undoubtedly experienced a continuous rise in the price of materials. The type of materials required to execute your project successfully can also affect the average landscaping price in Nigeria. While some materials tend to be higher than others, it’s more advisable to prioritise durability over cost.

Your preferences can also come to play. Extra materials such as luxury pools, integrated lighting, sculptures, etc., can spike the landscaping cost in Nigeria. 

Labour Costs

The more technical your project is, the more workers it will attract. This hikes the cost of landscaping. Labour costs vary, however, depending on the region or contractor.

You can cut down on labour costs by hiring a landscaper instead of a landscaping company. But this can reduce the speed and professionality at which the landscaper will complete the project. Also, individual landscapers are only advised for residential projects. So, you should go for a landscaping service company for your office space.

How To Save Money On Landscaping Cost

Having your landscaping on a budget doesn’t mean shabby-looking surroundings. From patios to a well-manicured yard, you can make your landscape attractive without breaking the bank. Here are some surefire ways to landscape your yard on a budget.

  • Most modern materials are inexpensive. You can scrounge for free stones at construction sites or buy materials in bulk. 
  • Compare prices from different landscape stores. You can get to buy the materials at a lower cost.
  • Reduce your lawn size by planting a beneficial weed like clover. Clover will fertilise your lawn and help you save money on chemical fertilisers. 
  • You can look out for discounted sales from retailers before buying plants. 
  • Go for easy-to-grow plants so that you can save money on fertilisers. 

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional Landscaper For Your Office

Before hiring a professional landscaper to boost curb appeal, it’s advisable to research before making investments. Here are five questions you should ask before signing a contract.

  • What are their work experience and accreditations? You can also check reviews from other customers as well. 
  • How long will the project take? A professional landscaper will ensure to deliver excellently and on time. This person will also communicate effectively with you in unpredictable circumstances that can delay the project.
  • How can I lower the cost? After giving you an estimate, you can ask for means to make it fit your budget. The contractor should be able to provide options to make this feasible. 
  • How do they charge? Do they have a set square foot price? Do they charge per project? Affirm this before going to the next steps. 
  • Do you serve office spaces? Residential landscaping projects differ from office landscaping projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you may have before starting your landscaping project. 

Should I Hire A Professional Landscaping Company?

Some aspects of landscaping, like overseeding, mowing, etc., require little or no professional experience. Complex projects such as installing in-ground drainage, pools, or tree planting require the services of a professional. DIY is a good option, but hiring a professional landscaper is advisable to save time.

How Much Do Landscapers Charge To Plant A Tree?

If you hire a landscaper to plant a tree, you’ll have to pay for their services depending on experience and the average professional rate. The cost can also vary depending on tree size and type. Mature trees are costlier than saplings.

What Is The Average Landscaping Cost Per Yard?

The average landscaping cost per yard depends on several factors, including yard size and the project’s scope.

Is Landscaping Worth The Money?

Yes, landscaping is worth your investment. 75% of real estate owners attest that landscaping increases the worth of a property by 10%. Landscaping increases curb appeal, and it’s a high chance you’ll get an increase in your ROI (Return on Investment.

When Should I Start My Landscaping Project?

The best time to start your landscaping project in Nigeria is April and May. This time is perfect as it allows the plants to grow.

How Do I Landscape My Front Yard On A Budget?

You can start in phases. List out the materials you intend to use for the project. Buy the ones you can afford per time and hire a professional to handle the design for you.


There are several landscaping and gardening companies in Nigeria. It’s worthy of note that designing your landscape is profitable for personal and commercial purposes. For assistance with your landscaping project, reach out to our expert landscapers at Eliezer. Call us on +2348144000052 or email today.

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