Factors To Consider When Hiring A Facility Management Company

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Managers are looking for methods to minimise expenses and boost efficiencies in the current economic scenario. Outsourcing the management of strategic fields is a relevant subject to explore. 

Many companies and facility owners have started outsourcing various aspects of administration and HR to the best firms in Lagos, which has reportedly enhanced efficiencies in certain aspects.

On the other hand, competent administrators can take it a step further and entrust the operation of their numerous properties to a Facility Management firm.

This article will show you the factors to consider before hiring a facility management company, starting with defining facility managers. To go straight to the factors, click here.

Who Are Facilities Managers?

A Facility manager or property manager is in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of facilities and grounds, including heating, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, lighting systems, and cleaning and security.

Facility managers (FMs) have various roles and can enter the field through several pathways. FMs are in charge of ensuring that the built facility’s systems are in harmony. 

They are crucial because they ensure that workers’ spaces live, learn, and stay secure, pleasant, efficient, and long-lasting.

A facility manager can manage an event venue, a conference centre, a vast distribution hub, office space or something else. 

In addition, building and facility management team members are responsible for providing, maintaining, and growing various services, including:

  1. Property planning
  2. Management of the physical environment
  3. Infrastructure for communication
  4. Inspections and tests for facility maintenance
  5. Building management 
  6. Facility Management Business
  7. Environmental health and safety
  8. Security

What Is Facility Management?

Facility management (FM) is a multidisciplinary career that integrates people, environment, process, and innovation to assure the physical environment’s operation, convenience, protection, and effectiveness.

Facilities managers are in charge of the upkeep and repair of an organisation’s buildings, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and health and safety regulations.

Facility managers (FMs) work in a variety of corporate activities, both strategically and operationally.

Important Reasons For Considering Facilities Managers

Consider your office to be a second home for your employees, which it is.

The majority of full-time employees work a minimum of 40 hours per week, if not more. Even if we now live in a new work-from-home era, most people still consider the workplace to be their “second home.” 

Facility management ensures that employees’ home-away-from-home is kept clean and tidy while meeting their job demands and requirements.

Dream of asking staff to do their great job at a messy desk next to a full garbage bin or crowding a 10-person team into a four-person workstation and peacefully collaborating. 

It is not even close to being reasonable! Right?

Every employer has a responsibility to create a hygienic, pleasant, courteous, and safe environment.

Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Management Companies

Not all companies have the capacity in-house to tackle all aspects of building upkeep. They may not have on-staff artisans or facilities management software, or the expense of acquiring these resources may be expensive.

Outsourcing to facilities management companies is influenced by various elements, including cost, people availability, technology, and facility size, to mention a few. 

Another convincing explanation to outsource facilities management is the simple ease of doing so. Facilities necessitate a great deal of supervision. The less attention an organisation has to devote to facilities, the more time it can dedicate to other mission-critical operations.

Top Questions to Ask A Facility Management Service You Consider To Hire

The facilities management service you hire will significantly influence how your facility looks, how successfully you recruit and maintain tenants, and how much money you generally spend. 

How can you know if a facilities management brand is right for your business and building? 

Fancy advertisements and a brilliant sales pitch do not always equal a successful relationship with the clients.

Checking references, looking at the buildings that the facilities management firm presently manages. 

Take it further by asking the critical questions listed below. These questions will help you determine if you’ve found the correct building management brand for your needs.

1. What Facilities Management Services Do You Offer Your Customers?

You might have a bucket list of things you’d like a facility management company as service providers to take care of, and the brand you’re evaluating should be able to meet as many of them as reasonable. 

When you acquire many services from the same company, you save money at the end and your building functions more professionally. 

When your provider has a vast selection of options, they can use integrated facilities management approaches to reduce your costs while ensuring you get the most satisfactory results possible.

2. How Long Have You Been In Charge of Properties Management?

Firms learning how to care for a facility catch a lot on the job – and everyone makes mistakes at first. Select a brand with a proven track record to confirm that your workforce is up to the task. 

New brands and those transitioning from residential to commercial cleaning will lack the systems necessary to meet the demands of a large operation.

3. What Is The Total Number of Facilities That You Manage Presently?

The company you are speaking with should preferably be experienced and busy, but not overworked. Growing pains can affect the level of service provided by a company that is experiencing rapid growth. 

On the other hand, a brand that isn’t very busy may be out of touch with training and the most up-to-date methods of integrated facility management. 

Ideally, the brand you select should have relevant experience and local clients — but not be overworked.

4. What Would Happen If I Had A Flood, A Fire, Or A Malfunctioning HVAC System?

When choosing from the construction and building facility industry, the response to this question should include specific answers tailored to each emergency scenario.

It’s not good enough to say, “We’ll examine the situation and fix it,” or “We always find a way to react,” or “We have the skill set to meet your needs.” 

When you hire a facility manager, one of the first things they should do is create a detailed emergency plan that covers everything from structural issues to power failures, plumbing issues, and more. 

Your business could be disrupted, and your facility rendered unusable if you don’t have a plan in place while the facilities management companies know what to do to work things out.

5. What Kind Of Job Will You Be Performing Specifically

Before approaching a facilities management firm, make a list of the services you require — as well as a list of those that would be excellent to have. 

You should be able to get all of your services from a single source, including security, high-tech monitoring, complete cleaning and maintenance, and HVAC services. 

Hiring numerous providers increases your monthly costs, considering additional contact points and operations to manage. 

The company’s list of services may just be the breadth of what they offer; any estimate or proposal you receive should specify what work is covered.

Major Facilities Management Hiring Mistakes

While facilities management encompasses such a wide range of operations, in-house facility managers and third-party contractors are prone to making frequent errors. 

These are just a few to stay away from:

1. Limited Inventory

Any given facility may necessitate a wide range of tools, parts, and materials. 

Facility management firms face an enormous challenge because they are responsible for the upkeep of their clients’ facilities. 

It is consequently critical that facility management firms maintain inventory levels in an efficient and precise manner. Client firms depend on them to respond quickly with both manpower and materials when a problem develops.

When hiring, ensure that the company can handle your capacity. If you are a big brand with many branches, a small facility management company is likely not able to handle your company.

2. Poor Data

For a facilities management company, the problem of data might be complicated. In many circumstances, third-party consultants must be able to make decisions based on client data. 

It is critical to have a trusting relationship with your clients so that you can gain access to historical data and maintenance records for the systems you’re in charge of.  It’s quick to make costly and unsuccessful conclusions without understanding and high-quality data.

As a client, ensure you hire a trustworthy company so you can share the right data or a smooth relationship.

3. Insufficient Resources

Staying on the bleeding edge of technology and training is critical to any facility management company. Clients depend on us to give them up-to-date information and competent recommendations. 

Before you hire, ascertain that the company can supply best practices, a portfolio of available technology, and professional workers to deliver the high quality of service that you demand.


The decision to hire a facilities management company is often based on the specific services you require, the size of your company, and the resources you currently have available. 

Investing in FM, regardless of the direction you take, can significantly improve stability, security, and efficiency. call us on 08144000052 or email info@eliezergroup.com.

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