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Facility Management in Real Estate: Lower Costs & Increase Estate Longevity

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The real estate sector has developed into the primary cash home for investors due to the current spike in demand for sophisticated property and dwelling needs. 

With this increase comes the requirement for long-lasting best practices for maintaining these assets in good condition.

What is Facility Management for Nigerian Real Estate?

Facility management for Nigerian real estate is the implementation of expert services that guarantee the uninterrupted planning, organising, managing, and maintenance of real estate facilities and services to a predetermined standard for optimal utilisation sustained over time.

Service requests, preventative and corrective maintenance, inventories, audits, facility condition evaluations, and space management are all included in real estate facility management, especially in Nigeria.

Benefits of Facility Management For Real Estate

Real estate facility management is essential for delivering and maintaining the support services required to sustain the peak operation of real estate facilities. 

By doing this, the property’s life duration is maximised, and its worth is maintained.

The client’s tastes and goals will always determine the significance of facilities management services at a particular property or business.

From research, it has been discovered that the size of the structure and the number of facility responsibilities is why property and facility management is crucial.

There are many reasons facilities management is crucial, especially for real estate in Nigeria.

Remember that only a qualified property manager is responsible for facilities management in real estate and implementing an integrated workplace management system, just like you desire.

Below is a quick run-through of the benefits of facility management in real estate.

Helps business or property managers focus on essential aspects

One of the primary benefits of facility management is that it gives business and property managers the energy to concentrate on their tasks — without the added stress of maintaining day-to-day facility operations. 

They can relax knowing that the most challenging facets of facility management are handled by a skilled expert instead of worrying about them.

Who would not want to be in a workplace clear of worry about the building?

Ensures Secure Facilities

You must observe a few policies and regulations regarding real estate properties.

Facility managers bring their knowledge and experience with these regulations to facilities and properties.

There are different components that can make your facilities secure. These include security guards installation, cameras, and alarm systems.

Each of them comes in variations, letting you pick the one that best suits your real estate requirements.

Before now, alarm systems blast loud sounds and notify people when someone has broken in. 

In recent technological advancements, when there is a breach, the alarm system sends a notification to the facilities manager or team. 

In the event of a breach beyond their control, they are also configured to get in touch with local police enforcement.

The latter function should be part of your facility management security, as it speeds up the response time of the police. Consider having it get in touch with the building manager, the property owner, or another representative of power on the premises.

Reduces Operation and Running Costs

Another benefit of facilities management is the reduction of operations and running costs of your property. 

By increasing energy efficiency, you can reduce costs fundamentally

The strategy is useful for the environment, but it can also result in significant long-term savings without a detectable performance hit by cutting carbon emissions.

Simple solutions, like encouraging and implementing the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, double glazing on windows, and improved wall insulation inside the facilities, can go a long way.

Even though these will cost money right away, they are investments that save money on the company’s energy bill in the long run.

There is refined data that estimates that just lighting consumes about 35% of a building’s energy costs

Making the switch to energy-saving bulbs can significantly lower that portion of your overall expenses, hence minimal operation and running costs of the property.

Facilities managers in real estate can use the data from measurements to continuously monitor and track energy usage to create concrete cost-saving strategies. 

Workplace data is crucial for company building and facility managers to track and optimise the efficiency of the property.

These acts of professionalism can then improve the longevity and performance of properties.

Simplifies Tasks and Provides Adaptable Services

The industry of facilities management is not “one size fits all.”

However, it can be challenging to find an expert who considers your objectives for a single service can be challenging when working with separate vendors.

You can take part in developing an overall facilities management strategy that is specific to your property or business by working with a facilities manager.

You will have the assurance that someone who truly understands your business and what it needs to function well is managing your facility and property.

Real Estate Facility Management Areas

While the nature of facility management varies depending on the space, a facilities manager has control over the interior and exterior of a real estate business. 

They frequently oversee the upkeep of common spaces like parking lots, landscaping, HVAC systems, and external lighting.

These professional services can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Owners and tenants should be aware of their duties and the extent of services they will require before engaging professional facilities management services.

A professional can only do strategic facility management after thoroughly comprehending the facility they will be in charge of.

When developing a plan for your office, a smart facilities management strategy (and a good facilities management expert) will also consider long-term objectives.

This will cover everything, from sustainable initiatives to readiness for emergencies and disasters.

You can work with the same expert for your immediate and long-term facility management requirements and goals.

Can Facilities Management Software Bring Effective Solutions To Property Management and Maintenance Problems?

For effective facility management, the role of technology and facilities management software in real estate cannot be overemphasised.

By streamlining facility utilisation, maximising capital projects, lowering energy costs and facility operations, and optimising lease costs, IBM Tririga was created to enhance real estate and facility management performance. 

The program also includes the standard cloud-based security features in all IBM products.

Facility management software can certainly bring effective solutions to property management and maintenance problems.

How Eliezer Can Help

Did you know that our company offers various services for facility management? We would love to make your life easier by taking care of all the details for you.

For all real estate buildings, Eliezer Facility managers offer the best commercial and residential real estate facility management services. 

Whether on a temporary or permanent goal trajectory, we can provide you with specialised facilities management solutions. While you concentrate on your business, our qualified professionals can help you ensure seamless operation in your facilities.

Our cumulative years of experience in real estate management and property management services make clients trust us with other buildings they own.

With the right workplace management system you have in place, business facility management will be more effective if Eliezer helps in the facility management and maintenance of your property.

Due to our extensive professional experience with these services, your property will benefit more from our customised facility development and management techniques. 

All of these factors will be considered as we formulate a plan to fulfil your objectives and demands and, if necessary, assist you in completing any further services you desire.

We have continually made real estate safe, which is why we are among one of the leading facilities management services in Nigeria.

Ready for sustainable facility management that saves cost and improves productivity? Contact us now. Send an email to or call +2348144000052.

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