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Facility Management and The Transportation Ecosystem: Road Transport

a car park for road transport

Road transport is defined as the transportation of goods and personnel from one place to the other on roads. Road infrastructures usually range from gravel road to a multi-urban expressway and are normally under the jurisdiction of the government management wise, so how do FM’s play a part, enter car parking facility management.

The management of parking facilities are usually nonexistent in Nigeria and if available ranks relatively low in the list of priorities, but car parking facility are important and proper attention should be paid to its management as it helps in keeping our streets safe and free from obstruction, improving road safety and enabling servicing and deliveries to take place on streets that otherwise would be congested and lead to traffic jam become if parking wasn’t properly and effectively managed.

Car Park Facility

Carpark facility like any other facility is subject to wear and tear and will degrade over time and hence the need for proper maintenance especially as they are usually left naked to battle the elements with constant streams of cars driving all over them. The amount of time necessary to manage all the tasks related to parking can be labour intensive and the impact/ cost from poor car parking management can be great, so at Eliezer Workplace Management we tailor our strategy/solutions to be site-specific because we realize that no two car parks are alike.  

The main goal of any car park facility management is to protect against rogue users, no matter the location or capacity issues, while given considerations of residents. Eliezer Workplace Management has highlighted these three areas for FM’s to focus on to help them in achieving professional car park management status.

Access Control /Space Allocation

The objective of access control is to ensure that only authorized people (staff, customers, clients, tenants, or residents) use the car park and for the purpose intended. The failure to implement proper access control processes can lead to difficulties in areas of maintenance, space allocation and security.  FM’s can use a combination of any of these methods to regulate access control no matter the nature of the car park.

  1. Paying for parking either on arrival, departure, or an account the methods could be parking meters, pay‑and-display machines or ticket and token, this will discourage rogue users at the same time provide income for the establishment.
  2. Use of signage/fines to inform the public about the rules and regulations e.g., parking without permission and the use of fines in punishing offenders; this also offers the double benefit of discouraging rogue user and providing income. Clamps and towing of offending vehicles are also options, but Eliezer Workplace Management Limited advice this be carried out in extreme circumstance as these could lead to confrontation and arguments
  3. The use of barrier/ gate system which can only be operated by designated and professionally trained people.

Once access control is sorted the next step is space allocation as there is ever rarely a case of more space than people it is imperative that a system is put in place. Generally, the use of technology or an automated system is encouraged to ease the hassle car park management.


Security is paramount for every car park facility both people and cars, so a combination of digital surveillance (CCTV) and physical surveillance (full-time security guard) will help discourage disreputable characters. While all the above-stated initiatives are laudable it is important to note that they will not be effective without proper enforcement so FM’s should undergo routine patrol around the car park and make sure the cut is live-streamed over multiple platforms for easy monitoring.


When degradation starts if it is not fixed on time it will go on to cost more as it will get harder to fix and more expensive to arrest the longer it is left, so common trouble spots like walls and car park joints should be paid attention to e.g. the use of anti-corrosive/ anti grafting coating to protect walls and waterproof seal that is strong enough to withstand wheeled impacts for car park joints.

Cleanliness of car park is imperative as people may avoid the garage altogether if they can find a cleaner alternative nearby FM’s should ensure that an annual or semi-annual wash or steam cleaning is performed as it gets rids of harmful chemicals, loose dirt and dust. While the use of PPM will help take care of the above issues, it will not handle daily messiness or cleanliness of the car park so FM’s should perform the basic inspection on a routine basis checking for trash, odours and oil spots and especially light-bulbs as they influence the perception of security and safety in a facility.

Eliezer Workplace Management Limited understands that car park facility management is uncharted territory in Nigeria but trusting us with this service allows for all your focus to be placed on your customers, staff, tenants, etc. Call +2348144000052 or email to discuss.

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