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Best Catering Services in Nigeria 

You might want to organise a private event for 30 people, a corporate lunch for 150, or an 800-person wedding. Regardless of the why, in picking catering services in Nigeria to serve your guests delectable meals that are expertly presented with flawless service, you must choose right.

Eliezer offers both onshore and offshore catering services, from executive dining to basic vendor solutions.

We offer a first-rate catering service with excellent safety and hygienic practices integrated throughout our operations. Contact us now. Call +2348144000052 or email

Eliezer Group’s Catering Services

Eliezer offers both onshore and offshore catering services, from executive dining to basic vendor solutions. We offer workplace and event catering in addition to our top-notch catering services, with a strong emphasis on taste, safety and excellent hygiene.

Our food supplies are prepared by chefs who guarantee delicious cuisine and adhere to the proper quality control protocols.

Other Catering Services By Eliezer

  • Corporate event catering
  • Traditional buffet
  • Industrial catering
  • Event catering
  • Office catering
Eliezer's catering services in nigeria

Benefits of Choosing Eliezer Group’s Catering Services

Eliezer’s catering services guarantee to give the highest level of service, variety, and all-inclusive event management, whether you’re organizing a home party or a business event.

There are several reasons to choose Eliezer for your catering needs, which make it a popular option. These are the three main benefits:

1. Outstanding Service: Eliezer is well known for providing excellent service. Our extensive nationwide workforce and proven track record of quality give us the confidence that every area of our clients’ needs is met to the highest degree of satisfaction.

2. An Extensive range of Cuisines: The catering staff at Eliezer is skilled in both continental and global cuisines. They can therefore accommodate various tastes, which makes us an adaptable option for any occasion.

3. Integrated Facility Management: Eliezer’s integrated facility management services are one of the special advantages that makes us stand out. We provide services like facility maintenance, cleaning, planning, and more in addition to catering. We can thus serve as a one-stop shop for all of your event requirements.

Contact us now by calling +2348144000052 or emailing

A Review of Other Catering Services in Nigeria For Your Events

Without question, the catering industry has expanded rapidly to the point that it appears to be everywhere these days. The industry is open to both professional and entrepreneurial caterers, which can result in a lack of high-quality services in some places in Nigeria. By this, we mean that when hired to prepare a party, some catering firms provide mediocre food, poor manners, and general servitude.

As you are well aware, Nigerians enjoy having a good time, and as a result, they host various events for which caterers are in high demand.

Catering services are used for plenty of occasions, including corporate events like an a Christmas party, awards, or normal day-to-day feeding of staff, and personal events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, coronations, festivities, and even funerals.

Nevertheless, some catering businesses have left an irreversible stain on people’s magnificent events, leaving guests with impolite comments, due to poor cuisine both product and service, neglect, and several other unpleasant reasons.

For all of the above reasons, we have determined that it is essential to compile the list of Nigeria’s top 7 catering companies, enabling you to depend on their services at any time of day for professional catering.

These companies were chosen because of their background, qualifications, abilities, and potential to provide clients with high-quality corporate delivery, and general management services.

Eliezer Group

One of the best catering businesses in Nigeria that offers the best service to its clients is Eliezer Group.

In addition to general catering, Eliezer offers both onshore and offshore catering services, from executive dining to straightforward vendor solutions, for events and offices.

Eliezer provides excellent meal options, strict quality control protocols, and chefs who guarantee wonderful meals.

The fact that Eliezer Group offers housekeeping services for a range of needs, including cleaning, laundry, trash management, pest control, and more. This sets us apart in the catering sphere.

Although our head office is in Lagos, we provide their services to any part of Nigeria.

The Tito Cakes and Events

One of the top privately held catering businesses in Nigeria was established by the inventive cake designer and event coordinator Toyin Ayodeji.

Like any other startup, the catering business has developed to its current success and now operates a catering school that provides prospective caterers with appropriate guidance on cakes and confections.

Among other things, the school provides classes in cocktail making, event management, and catering. Above all, you can rely on them to deliver good food with good hygiene.

Wine and Gold Service

Having been established in 1994, Wine and Gold Service has been in the catering industry for over 28 years. It has had significant growth, especially in Lagos, where it is based.

Additionally, they have a catering institute where students who want to hone their culinary talents can learn from experienced caterers how to prepare delicious dishes in a variety of cuisines.

Furthermore, as part of their exclusive offerings, Wine and Gold Company provides entertainment packages.

They offer one of the best catering and executive banquet services in Nigeria. They also take great pleasure in organizing amazing barbecue gatherings.

Courdeau Catering Company

Similar to the Eliezer Group, Courdeau Catering Company is an intriguing catering firm with a broad reach.

The company parades the oil industry in addition to being a standard catering business, which has undoubtedly given it a certain level of popularity among its competitors.

The operating services of Courdeau Catering Company are spread throughout 14 distinct locations across the country.

Additionally, they share affinities with major oil companies including Total, Mobil, Agip Exxon, and Shell. They provide oil services in Abuja, Warri, Port Harcourt, Eket, and other parts of Nigeria.

They are dedicated to providing their customers with timely product deliveries; they also specialize in refrigerated delivery transportation methods.

Food Hub Services

Food Hub Services is presently located in Wuse 2 Abuja and was created in 2015.

With less than ten years of experience, Food Hub Services has become one of Nigeria’s top ten catering services—a true testament to perseverance and hard effort.

The catering business offers its customers distinctive services of a high calibre. Their services are primarily available upon request and are reasonably priced.

Kusha Catering Service

This catering business, which was founded in 2012 and is based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, has almost a decade of experience behind it.

They cater and serve clients who have events like weddings, birthday parties, and ceremonial gatherings, providing services that are fit for an event.

Additionally, they provide groceries to clients in need, including motels, supermarkets, businesses, educational institutions, etc.

For all of their meals and services, they uphold excellent ethics and culture.

Unitop Catering Services Limited

Unitop Catering Services Limited is a remote facilities management and onshore/offshore catering company, similar to Eliezer Group.

With a dedication to spreading a love of excellent service and cuisine, Unitop Catering has been a player in the catering and services sector since 2004.

They take great pride in supporting their clients who operate in the public and private sectors and have either an onshore or offshore presence.

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring Caterers As A Nigerian

  1. What is their experience in catering services similar to my event?
  2. Can they provide a detailed menu?
  3. Do they offer tasting sessions?
  4. What is the included cost?
  5. Do they have a health and safety certification?
  6. Can they cater for dietary restrictions?
  7. What is their cancellation policy?
A display of food in buffet style coolers set by caterers at an event.

Get The Best Catering Service For Your Event Today

Now you know the greatest catering companies in Nigeria.

The cost of hiring the catering services in Nigeria will differ by company. Some of these companies offer affordable catering services which any Nigerian is determined to choose.

Cost aside, one thing is sacrosanct – safety and quality. Eliezer Group follows excellent safety and hygiene practices throughout their operations. Eliezer also adheres to the proper quality control protocols for food supplies and equipment.

For more information on catering services for your events in Nigeria, contact us today. Call +2348144000052 or email

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