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Facility Management Consultancy – What it is and Why You Need Consultants

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It is challenging to handle everyday business tasks independently in our fast-paced world. Managing companies profitably is complex for many company stakeholders and personnel. They consequently unknowingly fall into crisis ditches.

Facilities management (FM) ensures that the buildings wherein we live and work and their surrounding infrastructure are effective, sustainable, convenient, and functional.

In this comprehensive article, you will understand the significance of facility management and why you need a facility management consultancy.

What is Facility Management?  

Facilities management ensures that various organisations have effective and efficient support services. It integrates people, processes, places, and technology into the current setting to enhance organisational productivity and people’s quality of life.

A facilities management company is a qualified service provider in charge of the general upkeep, security, and functionality of a structure or building. They often oversee institutions, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, and apartment complexes.

What is Facility Management Consultancy?  

Facilities management consultancy, often referred to as FM consultancy, is a service provided by professionals or consulting firms that specialise in helping organisations manage and optimise their facilities and real estate assets effectively. Under FM consultancy, facility management consultants provide:

  1. Strategic Planning: This involves developing a strategic approach to managing their facilities. This consists in aligning facility management goals with overall business objectives and creating long-term improvement plans.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Consultants analyse current facilities management practices and identify areas where operational efficiency can be improved. This might involve optimising maintenance schedules, energy management, and space utilisation.
  3. Cost Management: FM services help organisations control costs associated with facility management by identifying cost-saving opportunities, negotiating vendor contracts, and recommending budgetary adjustments.
  4. Technology Integration: An FM consultancy may recommend and implement facilities management software and technology solutions to streamline operations, improve data management, and enhance communication within the organisation.
  5. Space Planning: Consultancies can assist in space planning and building design, ensuring that the layout of facilities is optimised for productivity and safety. This can include office space design, healthcare facility layouts, and more.
  6. Compliance and Sustainability: They help organisations stay compliant with regulations related to facility management and sustainability initiatives. This includes adherence to safety codes, environmental standards, and energy efficiency goals.
  7. Risk Management: FM consultancies assess and mitigate risks associated with facilities management, which can include disaster preparedness, security, and business continuity planning.
  8. Benchmarking and Performance Measurement: Consultants establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of facilities management efforts. They then use this data to drive continuous improvement.
  9. Change Management: They help organisations manage transitions, such as relocations, renovations, or expansions, by providing guidance on change management strategies and minimising disruptions.

The job of a consulting firm is to evaluate the client’s facility-related issues and requirements to create solutions that increase effectiveness and efficiency. To accomplish this, FM consultants must thoroughly understand the business and have expertise in the Facilities management sector.

FM consultants adopt a more strategic approach, focusing on increasing the overall effectiveness of their client’s facility operations, as opposed to traditional, hardcore facilities management, which works with the operational parts of a property, such as security, janitorial, asset and management maintenance, general engineering check and HVAC.

Facilities management consultancy is a business that provides engineering, design, and digital services to building owners and operators, ensuring the built environment’s functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency by integrating people, place, process, and technology to improve both the productivity of the core business and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

By working with consultants, organisations can leverage this experience and knowledge to improve their operations.

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Benefits of Facilities Management Consultant Services  

Owners of commercial properties and businesses can benefit from FM consulting in various ways. Here are a few benefits:

  • Improved effectiveness
  • Access to professional advice
  • Positive change mindset
  • Forward-thinking strategies
  • Improved decision-making
  • Cost saving

Improved Effectiveness of Each Asset

One of the main objectives of facilities management consultants is to assist their clients in increasing the efficacy and efficiency of their facility operations.

Consultants can help their customers maximise their use of resources, leading to enhanced overall efficiency, by adopting a strategic, big-picture approach to facilities management.

Access to Professional Advice 

Facilities Management consultants have a lot of information and resources that they may use to the advantage of their clients.

Consultants can offer the direction and support required to guarantee effective outcomes for anything from facility audits and assessments to project management and FM training.

Positive Change Mindset

One of the essential benefits of facility management consulting is that it can influence good organisational change.

Working with a consultant, facilities managers can create original ideas that boost their business outcomes by increasing the overall effectiveness of their operations.

Forward Thinking Strategies

An FM consultant is skilled at taking a step back to take a strategic view of the facility in order to develop long-term plans for your facility. This ensures you save costs, get the most out of your building and ensure sustainability.

Improved Decision Making

By thoroughly assessing your facility and your organisation’s needs, a facility management consultant may assist you in making well-informed decisions about your facility.

Cost Saving 

You can cut costs on facility operations by working with a facility management consultant, especially when you have your own business building or a complex that houses several businesses. The financial savings produced by your facility’s increased efficiency often outweigh the expense of employing the services of a consultant.  

How to Choose a Facilities Management Consultant  

When selecting a Facility management consultant, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Check that they have experience in your industry: Facilities management experts come from various backgrounds and industries. Make sure to choose a consultant who has experience in your business and knows your particular difficulties.
  • Pick a reliable company: A responsible business or consultancy will have a good reputation in terms of customer testimonials and sentiments. You can check Google reviews and their website before choosing.
  • Consider their services: Not all facilities management consultants provide the same ones. Ensure the consultant you choose provides the required services, especially concerning tender management.
  • Go with the best value for money: Costs vary significantly for consulting services in facilities management. Before making a choice, make sure to obtain quotations from several different specialists.
  • Ask for recommendations: Getting recommendations from other facility managers is one of the finest ways to discover a dependable Facility Management expert. If you know someone who has experience working with consultants, they can share some of their insights with you.

Can You Trust Eliezer Group For FM Consultancy?  

Eliezer Group has a track record of consistently producing outstanding results and has years of experience in facilities management consulting.

We are aware that every organisation faces different needs and difficulties. As such, our professionals adopt a personalised strategy, creating tailored plans that consider your unique goals and complement your corporate culture in your workplace.

We value collaborative relationships and will work closely with you to achieve your goals throughout the engagement. Our solutions are customised to your company’s size, sector, spending limit, and long-term goals.

Eliezer Group approaches facilities management from an expansive perspective. We consider every factor, including risk management, operations, servicing, sustainability, and technology.

Our facilities management professionals don’t merely provide suggestions but can help you with development, engineering design and many more for good service delivery. We are committed to assisting you in effectively implementing the suggested tactics since we believe in creating long-term relationships.

To guarantee that you achieve long-lasting benefits in your facilities management operations, our team collaborates with you to track progress, evaluate performance, and make appropriate adjustments.


Building owners and operators who want to enhance their operations and boost their relevance may find considerable value in facility management consulting services.

Owners and operators can access the skills and experience of a specialist who knows the difficulties in facility management by working with a consultant.

Furthermore, consultants can offer an unbiased viewpoint on facility operations and aid owners and operators in making decisions regarding their facility.

Make sure to choose an FM consultant who has experience in your business, provides the services you require, and is either a member of a respectable company or has been recommended by a reliable source.

The Eliezer Group team can help if you need an FM consultant with business experience.

To learn more about our facility consultancy and management services, get in touch with us right now. You can reach us at 08144000052 or

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